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Historically, smiths have been problem-solvers. Knowledgeable, resourceful, and inventive, they listened to people's needs and​ hammered out sometimes innovative solutions. The smith's forge was often the center of ​small communities.  Smith Insurance Associates, LLC honors the tradition of the smith by involving ourselves in the community and  finding insurance solutions for life's biggest concerns.

You've worked hard to build a life for yourself and your family.  We help to protect it

As you build your family, there is an unspoken promise that you will take care of them.  That means a comfortable place to call 'home,' a decent neighborhood with friends nearby, and a decent education for the children.  It may mean starting or buying a business.  It might include a vacation home or a dream car or truck.


Whatever your dreams are for your family, you recognize that it all takes money.  You work hard for that money, with particular goals in mind.



Untimely Events Can Rui​n Your ​Plans

An unforeseen death, illness or injury can deprive the family of its income.  How would your family's standard of living be affected?


Would they be able to stay in their home?  Would they have to change schools?  Would your spouse have to find a job; maybe a better job?


Do you have sizeable savings accumulated to help get through an adjustment period?  What plans would be put on hold or scuttled because of the need to dig into savings? 


Insurance Can Affordably Mitigate These Risks

Two-thirds of personal bankruptcies in 2018 were caused by unpaid medical bills.  It's easy to see how important health insurance can be.  We can help you to navigate the Health Insurance Marketplace to find affordable health insurance for yourself and your family.  We can also help with short-term medical coverage for people between jobs or who may not qualify for a special enrollment period. 


Sadly, a majority of the people filing bankruptcy due to medical bills actually HAD health insurance.  The simple fact is that health insurance doesn't pay 100%.  Deductibles can be as high as $8,700 for an individual.  Coinsurance can be as high as 50%.  In addition, copays continue to rise and there are things that your health insurance just doesn't pay for.


Fortunately, there are supplemental insurances that can help to cover many of these out-of-pocket expenses.


We even offer Health Insurance for International Travel


Disability Insurance

A prolonged illness or serious injury can keep you from performing your job duties.  In most cases, this means that your paychecks stop coming.  How long could your family survive without your income?


Both long-term and short-term disability are available to replace your paycheck when your doctor says you cannot work for an extended period.  It is an affordable way to guarantee yourself a paycheck in such instances.



For persons over the age of 64, we can help to enhance your Medicare through Medicare supplements or Medicare Advantage and Prescription Drug Plans.  We even have plans available for low-income and/or disabled persons who are on both Medicare and Medicaid; plans that can provide more benefits than just the combination of Medicare and Medicaid.  And you only have to present ONE CARD when visiting a provider.


Medicare Disclaimer: We do not offer every plan available in your area. Any information we provide is limited to those plans we do offer in your area. Please contact or 1-800-MEDICARE to get information on all of your options.


Life Insurance

Life insurance can be used to replace the income of the deceased, often meaning the difference between uprooting the family and allowing them the comfort of their familiar surroundings in a turbulent time.


We can perform a financial needs analysis to help determine how much life insurance you need.  We can also help you to understand the differences in the many types of life insurance and help to determine which is best for your circumstances.


Let us help you to keep that unspoken promise to your family.


Business Uses for Life and Disability Insurance

You have sacrificed so much in building and running your business.  Do you have co-owners in your business?  How about key employees without whom the business would struggle?


Life and disability coverages can be used to protect the business in the event of the loss of a key employee.  They can also be used in the smooth transition of ownership upon the death or disability of an owner.  They can ensure that your family members who have an interest in the company but aren't actively employed there are properly compensated when an owner relative passes away.


We can help to provide peace of mind regarding the continuation of the business that really feels as if it is your child.


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